You hire the whole person.

We believe employers must have a holistic approach when it comes to hiring. You must begin by understanding you are hiring the whole person — not just their experience or their skills or their behavior style.That’s why it is essential to use the Science of Self™, which includes our five social and psychology sciences assessments, to understand that unique individual and create ideal job fit.

Using our assessments as part of a robust and diverse hiring process provides insight into:

  • behaviors
  • motivators
  • competencies
  • acumen

When using our patented job-benchmarking process in selection, our best practices yield a 92% success rate and meet guidelines set by the EEOC and OFCCP.


Job benchmarking identifies:

  • Key accountabilities
  • Skills for superior performance
  • Candidates’ behavior and intrinsic motivators for achieving the key accountabilities for the job

Partner with a Value Added Associate to use our job-benchmarking process for: selection, developing and managing talent.