Organizations' Most Important Asset — Their People

Let's face it: We’re all guilty of making assumptions on what keeps our employees engaged.

Talent managers often complain about top performers losing enthusiasm for the job or tenured employees who seem to be clocking out earlier each day.

But do we really know what motivates each individual within our ranks to keep the ship from sinking? 

As leaders, our biased observations can only take us so far when it comes to making good hiring decisions before the whole operation capsizes.

Our Message Continues to Resonate, Impact How Business is Conducted

Wow, what a great start to 2015!

I’m just awed by the talent we continue to attract and am energized by the power and reach of our assessment tools!

That’s why I have felt compelled during the past year to build and enhance new products.

If you missed out on attending conference, let me help catch you up on some key takeaways you’ll soon be able to apply in your business.

Leaders Who Help Employees Grow Multiply Their Own Effectiveness

Professional development as a source of employee motivation should always be on our radar screen.

After all, the work environment is where we expend some 90,000 hours of our life.

Fortunately, the best organizations know it’s necessary to demonstrate the value placed on staff by dedicating time and resources to developing their people.

The opportunity to learn and grow has been identified in surveys as one of the key drivers of employee job satisfaction and engagement.

Choose Wisely: Leaders Have the Decision to Opt In or Opt Out

2015 will be the "Year of Executive Awakening."

Executives of organizations large and small will finally embrace modern branding.

Even if just to play catch up, it still means 2015 will be the year the principles of social business will be embraced and promoted.

But because old habits are hard to break, executives can still mess them up with traditional thinking and methods. How will senior leaders address this concept?

Be Intentional in Goal-Setting to Achieve Maximum Possibilities

The beginning of each new year brings with it a time of great hope and new possibilities.

Of course, this is the time of year where we reflect and ask questions of ourselves to achieve maximum possibilities and happiness.

So, how can we work to make it one of our best years, ever?

Here are some questions to consider.

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