What clients say about our solutions:

"My clients are pleasantly surprised at how much they learn about themselves with TTI surveys and how effective they are for building teams. I recommend TTI surveys for awesome results!" -- Jim Parker, Owner, The Mentor Connection

"Our clients are always amazed when they read their TTI assessments. They ask us how did you know all this about me? We highly recommend using TTI assessments." -- Isabel Jackson, CFO and Vice President, The Essex Group

"The benchmarking process really helped us focus in on potential strengths and weaknesses of our final candidates."

"I believe TTI’s solutions provide a great launching point for our company to more fully optimize our current work force. They have great tools to help in the hiring or promotion process to ensure we make moves with the appropriate alignment of responsibilities."

"TTI’s professional development process allows for personal growth and helps in more effectively interacting with people to achieve a common goal, and this leads to both personal and collective satisfaction and accomplishment."

What our distributors say about our products and services:

“TTI does excellent research, is responsive to my needs and questions, makes me feel secure about the products, provides extensive learning opportunities and employs knowledgeable people.”

“TTI is a consistent producer of assessments that make sense and are very marketable. These tools have become an underpinning of our approach to problem solving for clients.”

“TTI's products are comprehensive, well written, easy to understand. I believe they are the most user-friendly products on the market.”

“TTI has always been very helpful in anything I have needed. I have had kind and courteous service anytime I have needed help. As a small business owner, that is something I value greatly.”

“I believe TTI is the best assessment provider choice for hiring, development and succession planning needs.”




“I’ve used TTI SI assessments to coach Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, to save companies from failure and to resolve more than 35 relationship conflicts. Our clients have made a lot of money and employed a lot of happy people because of these tools — and I've quite simply enjoyed my work more than ever!”

–Shandel Slaten, CEO/Founder, True Life Coaching